The inspiration behind Rad Sourcing was the desire to help companies navigate the difficult oversea’s manufacturing landscape and create custom manufacturing solutions. At the core of this process is sourcing the right materials and factory for your product. We have relationships with hundreds of factories and an overseas team that allows us to find you qualified and ethical factories. By using our experience, and international team members, we will help your team find prices not available to the general public. Additionally, we have helped companies quickly expand their product lines with market research.

Product Management

Rad Sourcing’s United States and international based teams ensure your production goes as smoothly as possible. Our United States team will keep you informed of all stages during the production process. Our Chinese based team will personally oversee the production process including quality control. Additionally, we will help protect your company’s intellectual property overseas. Rad Sourcing also helps your factory source the components necessary to produce your products. We eliminate any up-sells that may otherwise increase your costs. We never accept money or referrals from factories. Rad Sourcing works exclusively for our clients.


Rad Sourcing arranges shipment and delivery for startups. We also handle the more complex requirements of larger companies. We are familiar with the best practices surrounding business to consumer and business to business delivery, as well as managing and maintaining your warehouse of goods. Rad Sourcing will help your team navigate the harmonized tariff schedule. We leverage our relationships with freight forwarders to get your product delivered on time and at a low cost. Rad Sourcing’s team will help you navigate manufacturing solutions from samples to product delivery.

Product Design

Rad Sourcing’s design team will transform your concepts and ideas into quality, well priced, and profitable products. We work with a variety of products, and with our trusted network, we make your product a reality. Our team has experience across multiple industries, and we design and work with all kinds of products ranging from consumer electronics to high fashion. All products we design are designed for manufacturability. That means when you start manufacturing your product, the process will be as cost efficient as possible.