Who is Rad Sourcing?
Rad Sourcing was founded by manufacturing and sourcing industry experts who have strong relationships with factories and production specialists in China.

What services does Rad Sourcing offer?
Factory Auditing
Production Management
Timeline/Quality Control
Global Commercial Support

How much will making my product cost?
The cost depends on the project and the type of product you want to produce. We work our hardest to insure the greatest amount of profit for your business.

What type of production volumes can Rad Sourcing support?
Rad Sourcing can manage the production of any type of volume. No quantity is too large or too small.

What Quality systems does Rad Sourcing work with?
The quality control systems we enact depend on the type of product being produced and the manufacturing process we use. We will enact the quality systems that are required to conform to your industry’s needs. Certain industries like high tech electronics often necessitate the use of quantitative control tools including Cpk requirements, trend-charts, data sampling analyses, and sophisticated metrology. Rad Sourcing ensures that the factories we work with will implement these quality control systems.

Why should I use Rad Sourcing instead of looking a factory myself?
Finding a factory that is reliable, trustworthy, and produces quality products can be a daunting task. Rad Sourcing saves you time, energy, and money. We will find a manufacturing partner that works for you. Having us handle your production allows you to concentrate on setting up your team and sales process so you can concentrate on what’s most important, selling your product.

What separates Rad Sourcing from its competition?
Rad sourcing is based in both the U.S. and China which allows us to handle your needs at home and abroad. Our team in China oversees your production and ensures you’re getting the best price, production timeline, and quality. Concurrently our U.S. based team makes communication easy and ensures that any production or sourcing you need gets done. You don’t have to be up at 2 AM talking to factories in China because we will be.

When is my company ready to produce offshore?
We can help you produce your product once you have your CAD files and design finished. We will gather quotes from a number of reliable factories and manage the production process from tooling, to packaging, and ultimately to your first production run and beyond.

Will sourcing and manufacturing abroad negatively impact product quality? What about service quality?

One of the most common misconceptions regarding manufacturing in countries like China is that product quality and service suffer. This isn’t the case. Rad Sourcing LLC has developed a system on the basis of delivering value and quality to its clients in the form of advantaged pricing, quality products and first rate service.

Rad Sourcing LLC only works with reputable manufacturing partners while following a strict quality assurance program designed to make sure all products meet or exceed quality expectations and guidelines. And with offices in both the United States and China, Rad Sourcing LLC is able to deliver top-quality, timely service.