The inspiration behind Rad Sourcing was the desire to to help companies navigate the difficult oversea’s manufacturing landscape. At the core of this process is sourcing the right factory and materials for your product. We have relationships with hundreds of factories and an overseas team that allows us to find you qualified and ethical factories. By using our experience, relationships, and international team members we will help your team find prices not available to the general public. Additionally, we have helped companies quickly expand their product lines through suggestions and market research.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

BOM is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, components, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture your final product. Through our connections and experience, we find high quality materials for the best prices. Often times your production company will offer to source these components for you, but having a third party helps insure that your are not paying more than you need to. We then coordinate delivery and assembly with our production partner.

Factory Sourcing

Our specialty is finding the right factory for your product. We work with an extensive list of pre-qualified factories that are sure to meet your needs. All of our factories offer Non-Disclosure Agreement conformance and Non-Compete conformance so that your proprietary product is not reproduced. Additionally, our factories offer fair work practices so your products are ethically produced.

Product Sourcing

Whether you are already manufacturing a product and looking to lower costs, or looking to engineer and develop a brand new product, Rad Sourcing can help. We work with a  range of products such as: consumer electronics, textiles, high tech, furniture, and a lot more. Need some help with a great idea? Rad Sourcing has strategic partnerships with engineering and industrial design firms to transform your idea into reality.