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Why are Tech Packs important?

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Unlocking Your Vision:

In the realm of apparel production, Tech Packs are indispensable. They serve as blueprints, guiding manufacturers to transform your ideas into market-ready realities swiftly and efficiently. Whether you’re embarking on a private label clothing venture or expanding your product line, Tech Packs are your compass.

What's Inside a Techpack?

  • Product Summary, a brief overview of the product. On every page, It should include all the key details relating to your product such as the company name, product name, item #, date, product description, development stage, last modification date, and sample size
  • Technical illustrations depicting each design element with typically front, inside, & back views
  • Measurements of the sample & graded sizing specifications
  • Construction details, featuring diagrams with labeled indicators highlighting elements like collars, pockets, closures, bar tacks, and artwork positioning.
  • Comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) listing all physical components and their placements on the garment, including all fabrics, buttons, labels, tags, poly-bags, threads, pads, lining, etc.
  • Specification of stitches and seams, incorporating information such as stitches per inch, seam width, seam allowances, and seam callout
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How to make a fashion Tech Pack?

Most designers and product developers utilize excel and the adobe software suite to construct their tech packs. This can be a lot to learn for busy entrepreneurs who have not gone to school for design training. 

When you order a techpack from Rad Sourcing you get an account manager who partners with you, learns about your product, creates all the illustrations, measurements, and other techpack components to best manufacture your idea. 

Fit sample specs sheet
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Get a Tech Pack with Rad Sourcing!

Ready to start your product development journey? Here are the typical steps in the tech pack process:

Schedule a tech pack consultation:
We answer all of your questions about the process and learn more about your product.
Tech pack design meeting: Virtually meet with your account manager/designer who takes notes about all design and technical details regarding your product.

After this meeting you would send the designer a sample that is comparable to the product you would like to produce. A tech pack usually takes around 2-3 weeks to complete.
2nd design meeting: This is usually for outstanding questions that could not be answered by email.
Tech pack review meeting: The designer walks you through your tech pack and answers all questions & makes any updates. After the tech pack is approved, the tech pack is given to a factory and your product can begin getting produced!
Sampling: We can help you with this stage of the manufacturing process as well! Sampling is what you do before you order large quantities of your product to make sure everything is 100% correct. It usually takes 2-3 samples from a factory before the product is just right.

7 Reasons to Use a Tech Pack

Stress free production

Eliminate costly errors

Accelerate time-to-market

Obtain accurate price quotes

Uphold manufacturer accountability

Facilitate rigorous quality control

Track Changes and updates

From Concept to Consumer: Our Commitment to Excellence

At Rad Sourcing, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence from inception to production. Our seasoned U.S.-based design professionals specialize in innovative garment and accessory production, employing CAD and technical packs to bring your ideas to life. With dedicated product managers guiding you every step of the way, rest assured, your vision is in capable hands.

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Experience the Difference with Rad Sourcing

Operating remotely yet closely connected, Rad Sourcing embodies reliability and efficiency. Our long standing partnerships with ethically vetted factories ensure adherence to regulatory standards while delivering superior products. With virtual and in-person oversight, we manage the intricacies of production, ensuring every detail meets your expectations.

Join us on the journey of creation and innovation. Partner with Rad Sourcing today.

Welcome to Rad Sourcing

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Rad Sourcing is your trusted partner in bringing your entrepreneurial visions to life. Collaborating with a diverse spectrum of enterprises, from budding startups to industry giants, we specialize in translating concepts into tangible products.

At Rad Sourcing, we serve as the crucial link between clients and manufacturers, navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, venture creation, and expansion. Our mission is to mitigate risks while managing design, manufacturing, and logistics, leveraging our extensive network of factory partnerships and sourcing expertise


Use this link to schedule a calendly appointment with one of our account managers.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks. This process starts after the design meeting & sending the designer a reference sample.

Yes, we can. We have people on site at the factories who source fabrics that best match your requests.

We can send over estimated sample prices after the tech pack is created, and bulk prices after the 1st sample is created.

The MOQ depends on each product, but it usually ranges from 100-500 units

The production timeline, including shipping, typically spans 4-8 weeks (assuming prior completion of the sampling process with us). Returning customers seeking to reorder stock may benefit from a shortened time frame.

We have connections with many factories spanning from Europe, Asia, & the U.S.

Rad Sourcing operates remotely & in person. Design meetings are remote and we have people on site at the factories.

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