Rad Sourcing provides companies with specialized solutions for their manufacturing, operations, and marketing needs. This includes: product development, cost reduction, crowd funding, quality control, logistics, high-volume manufacturing, and product design. We look forward to tailoring unique solutions for our clients. We transform manufacturing and operations into competitive advantages for your business.



Your Manufacturing and Operations Partner

Rad Sourcing works with clients at all stages of their business. We help our clients transform ideas into competitively priced products, and then support their operations as they transform their product into a successful company. Our team has all the tools necessary to build and scale with your company. Rad Sourcing can help you develop your first prototype, find a factory to facilitate your growth, set up crowdfunding or facilitate your Amazon launch, or even help you keep costs low as we function as your company’s operations team. Manufacturing a competitive advantage together.

Developing your Prototype

With our relationships and team we will help you bring your product to life. However, while helping you create your product we make sure your product is designed for manufacturability. This means when you are ready to start manufacturing costs and lead times will be significantly lower. With our experience, relationships, and connections we will also make your prototype faster and at a lower cost.

Choosing a Factory

The right factory is just as important as the right team. At Rad Sourcing we work with an extensive list of vetted factories that are devoted to producing your product in the safest, fastest and most ethical way possible. All of our factories offer Non-Disclosure Agreement conformance and Non-Compete conformance so that your intellectual property is not copied. Additionally we only work with ethical factories. We will source a factory that offers a combination of cutting edge technology, high quality standards, and ethical manufacturing for your product.

First Production Runs

For new startups we understand that your first production run might be a smaller quantity than what you will one day produce. We have relationships with several factories throughout the United States and China that we will leverage to help you keep costs and lead times lower despite the size of your first production run. As your production scales, we can easily transfer tooling to factories better suited for bulk production, and have built in pricing breaks so your margins improve as your production grows.

Scaling Your Business and Operations Team

When your business is growing it is important to stay on top of demand. At Rad Sourcing we offer: full operations management solutions, product extensions, and freight and logistics support. We have standardized processes for successful day-to-day operations. We have managed to lower manufacturing and sourcing costs for 90% of our clients. Save money and time by outsourcing your operations to an experienced and successful operations manager at Rad Sourcing instead of hiring a full team. It also helps your company avoid language and time barriers if you are manufacturing moves overseas.