What are the services Rad Sourcing offers?
CAD/Tech pack
Product Design
Production Management
Quality Control
Factory Auditing?

What separates Rad Sourcing from its competition?
We have manufacturing capabilities in the United States, Europe, and China. Our teams oversee production and ensure you get the best price, production timeline, and quality. Concurrently, the Rad Sourcing founders manage all communication, so you don’t have to navigate the difficulties of time zone differences and language barriers.

Why should I use Rad Sourcing instead of looking for a factory myself?
Finding a factory that is reliable, trustworthy, and produces quality products can be daunting. We aim to save you time, energy, and money. We handle your production, which allows you to concentrate on selling your product and providing superior service to your customers.

How much will making my product cost?
The cost depends on the product you want to make. Please schedule an appointment if you are interested in an estimate for your project. We are happy to chat!

What type of production volumes can Rad Sourcing support?
Rad Sourcing can manage the production of any type of volume. No quantity is too small or too large.

What about product service quality?
One of the most common myths regarding manufacturing in countries like China is that product quality and service suffer. We developed a system based on delivering value and quality to our clients through advantaged pricing, quality products, and first-rate service. We also follow a strict quality assurance program. We don’t settle for a less-than-perfect product.

What Quality systems does Rad Sourcing work with?
The quality control systems we enact depend on the type of product being made. We enact the quality systems that are required to conform to your industry’s standards. Specific industries like high-tech electronics often necessitate using quantitative control tools, including CPK, trend charts, data sampling analyses, and sophisticated metrology.