We minimize the risk associated with entrepreneurship, venture creation, and expansion so you can focus on providing exceptional service to your customers. We partner with our clients and are invested in paving a smooth path for SMB’s, and Enterprises alike.

Ideation + Design



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You have a product idea, now what?

You placed your first order, Congrats!

You are waiting for your order…

Design for Manufacturing

Our team of seasoned product design professionals guides you through the CAD or tech pack process. Product design is essential as it serves as your blueprint. A high-quality tech pack simplifies the sampling process and prepares the factory for your first production run. Your intellectual property is 100% yours, and we do not hold any ownership of your design(s).


Manufacturing begins with the sampling process to ensure your product meets your expectations and standards. When you’re happy, we will place your first order! We have well-established relationships with factories in the US, Europe, and China, where we manage both low and high-volume orders. Our experienced team members are on the ground conducting quality control, so you can have confidence that we are focused and dedicated to your project.


We can deliver your order anywhere, whether to your front door or a third-party logistics center. Sea freight is the most common mode of transport. Air freight is an option, but it is extremely expensive. 

1-3 Weeks

2-8 Weeks
Depending on number of samples

2-12 Weeks
Depending on shipping delays