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Your design Blueprint

Experienced the letdown when your envisioned design doesn’t translate as expected into your physical sample? Enter the tech pack—a vital blueprint. It documents your design, materials, and construction, aligning your vision flawlessly with the final product. Factories need a tech pack to know how to produce your product!

What's in a Tech Pack?

  1. CAD ILLUSTRATION: Your product as a technical illustration flat

  2. DESIGN CALLOUTS: Product details specified and technical construction called out for factories

  3. POINTS OF MEASURE: The measure of each vital point on the product

  4. GRADED SPECIFICATIONS: The points of measure table graded to each size 

  5. BILL OF MATERIALS: List of fabric, trims, materials, and color ways

How Rad Sourcing makes your Production Journey easier

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Receive expert advice on design intricacies, materials, and construction, ensuring flawless execution of your vision.

Eliminate Costly Errors

Bid farewell to expensive mistakes and unnecessary sampling costs. Our Tech Packs streamline processes, saving you time and money while maintaining top-notch quality.

Unmatched Quality Control

Lower return rates and maintain superior quality standards. Our Tech Packs safeguard against quality fade, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Stress-Free Production

Let us handle the manufacturing complexities. Our Tech Packs prevent errors, providing you with peace of mind throughout the production journey.

Our Process:

Client Testimonials

"Working with Rad Sourcing has been an easy & fun process. After just two design meetings with their designer, we started sampling a week later!
Tyler G.

“Beginning my company with zero manufacturing experience was daunting, but Rad Sourcing provided immense relief during the Tech Pack design process by managing all the production technicalities.”
Andrea H.

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