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What is a Tech Pack?

Factories require Tech Packs in order to quote & produce your product!.

It's the detailed blueprint that encapsulates every essential element, from measurements and materials to intricate stitching techniques and trim placements. Think of it as the vital roadmap that guarantees your creative vision translates seamlessly into a stunning, finished garment

The most common tech packs are built in Excel or Illustrator and are made for and by product developers and technical designers. Let our team of experienced designers help you in your design journey by handling it for you!

Tech Packs have the following important pages that explain to the factory- What your product is and How to make it.

The Power of Tech Packs

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Receive expert advice on design intricacies, materials, and construction, ensuring flawless execution of your vision.  

Eliminate Costly Errors

Bid farewell to expensive mistakes and unnecessary sampling costs. Our Tech Packs streamline processes, saving you time and money while maintaining top-notch quality.        

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Speed up the journey from concept to creation. With a timeline of about 2-3 weeks, our Tech Packs expedite development, giving you a competitive edge with rapid product launches.   

Stress-Free Production

Let us handle the manufacturing complexities. We have staff on the ground completing quality checks throughout production process
fashion designer measures jacket with tape measure

Get a Tech Pack with Rad Sourcing

Ready to start your product development journey? Here are the typical steps in the tech pack process:

Introductory Design meeting: Discuss your product with one of our experienced designers. Send any reference samples or prototype to us.
Online communication to finalize design details: Email communication & additional meetings if necessary
Tech Pack review meeting: Once the tech pack is approved, sampling your product begins!

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