Are you launching your brand or in search of marketing materials for your business?

At RadSourcing, we specialize in crafting bespoke products tailored to meet your unique requirements! We have expertise spanning across apparel, accessories, electronics, home goods, and a wide range of additive and subtractive manufacturing options.

We also offer pre-determined products in women and mens apparel, and accessories. These are already patterned and designed products that are ready for your customization. You can effortlessly add your artwork and logo through screen printing or embroidery. Because these products are already designed, your order can be as low as 50 units!

These quick and easy, already designed products are the perfect canvas for showcasing your brand identity! Click an option below to explore prices and minimum order quantities.

Women's Apparel

Men's Apparel


First time Manufacturing? Here are some FAQ's.

Pre-determined Options: these are products that have already been patterned, designed, and production can start as soon as you place an order. All that is left is customization! Send AI files of your company logo and any artwork that you would like to put on the product.

Some popular choices of customization are: screen or heat transfer printing, embroidery, and fabric logo labels.

These pre-designed products do not require a tech pack, and can have MOQ's as low as 50 units.

MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity. If a product has a MOQ of 50, that means you will have to place an order of at least 50 units. This quantity is set by the manufacturers so that production can be economically sustainable for their business.