Rad Sourcing arranges shipment and delivery for startups and we also handle the more complex requirements of a larger companies. We are familiar with the best practices surrounding B2C and B2B delivery, as well as managing and maintaining your warehouse of goods. Rad Sourcing will also help your team navigate the harmonized tariff schedule (HTS). We leverage our relationships with freight forwarders to get your product delivered on time and at a low cost.

Dangerous Goods (DG)

Rad Sourcing has managed numerous complicated DG products. We help them navigate the complicated inbound and outbound shipping process that comes with a DG. Our experience will save you a great deal of time, money, and effort navigating the complex processes and rules required by all freight and shipping services. Furthermore, we are DG certified and can train you and your company and help you get DG certified. We also set up the necessary software and procedures to safely store and ship your product.


Our relationships with freight forwarders located abroad helps us ensure that getting your products to you or your third party logistics provider (3PL) is smooth and easy. Our relationship with the freight forwarders also allows us to provide discounts and the lowest prices. Furthermore, we can help you navigate and understand any potential customs or tariffs that your product may be subject to.


We know the right people and the right software for all of your customer service and outbound shipping needs. This means we can point you to the right softwares to use, provide support and ensure you get cheaper than published rates. This means we can immediately get you reduced rates on domestic and international shipping at a number of companies including Fedex and USPS, saving you money on every shipment.