Women's Outerwear

Learn more about the requirements and steps to get started, whether you’re beginning from scratch or already have a few ideas in mind.

What I need to get Started

The Idea

You have the idea for a product!

Get in Touch!

The Idea is the first thing you need to get started. Schedule an information meeting to find out how we can help.
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Reference Sample

To achieve the accurate fit you desire, we need a fit sample to reference.

Reference Sample

If you are interested in creating a blazer for your brand, send your account manager a blazer that has a fit you love! We can make adjustments and alterations- the fit sample is a starting point.

Branding Files

Your logos in vector files format like .AI or .PSD

Don't have branding yet?

Branding is one of the last steps in the production process, so you have time! Printing your branding/logos on the clothing happens after manufacturing.We also have resources to help you build your branding. Reach out for a quote: [email protected]

Outerwear Customization

First time Manufacturing? Want to start producing with lower MOQs?

White label, also know as pre-determined options, may be the answer!

Pre-determined Options: these are products that have already been patterned, designed, and production can start as soon as you place an order. All that is left is customization! Send AI files of your company logo and any artwork that you would like to put on the product.

Some popular choices of customization are: screen or heat transfer printing, embroidery, and fabric logo labels.

These pre-designed products do not require a tech pack, and can have MOQ’s as low as 50 units.

MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity. If a product has a MOQ of 50, that means you will have to place an order of at least 50 units. This quantity is set by the manufacturers so that production can be economically sustainable for their business.

Here are some of the many Pre-Determined options Rad Sourcing offers:

Not seeing exactly what you are looking for below? Ask for our full pre-determined catalog full of trending athletic designs!

Want to create a new product tailored to your brand? We manufacture your creative ideas! Learn more about the product development & services we offer.