Product Design & Development Services

and you will get our expert team, proven manufacturing process, and the resources necessary for a successful launch and scaling

Our Process:

Book a 30-minute meeting where we delve into your brand’s vision and aspirations, establishing the groundwork for our collaboration. 

Collaboratively develop your product with our experienced designers. Tell us all there is to know about your idea, and we translate that into a tech pack! We incorporate any and all branding design and color palette, ensuring consistency and resonance with your brand’s essence.

During this meeting we also explore possible trims, labels, packaging, and hardware.

After this meeting you send our designers any important reference samples, and the tech pack creation process begins!

Following the design meeting, we take care of all administrative duties, such as managing factory contracts, NDAs, shipping/logistics, and payment processes, guaranteeing a smooth transition into our design and production partnership.

We craft comprehensive technical packs encompassing all essential information vital for a streamlined manufacturing process. These packs include specifications, measurements, materials, and construction details. The timeline for receiving your tech pack starts after the reference sample is received, and takes 1.5-2 weeks to complete.

Factories require tech packs to give accurate minimum order quantities and prices per unit. 

After the factory has quoted the cost of a sample, the sampling process can begin!


If you're seeking a seamless path to crafting a compelling, market-ready collection, your search ends here.

Our team is dedicated to partnering with you, offering expertise in fabric selections and appropriate printing techniques to translate your ideas from concept to tangible designs. We’ll work closely with you to craft detailed technical drawings and comprehensive tech packs, transforming your concepts into reality.

In addition, our sourcing team works hand in hand with a diverse network of international suppliers to provide a wide array of fabrics, trims, buttons, zippers, and notions for your creations. 

Furthermore, we enthusiastically support bespoke fabrications, dyeing choices, and a variety of trims and notions, all tailored to suit your distinctive creative vision.

Typically, our sampling facilities and seasoned team require approximately 2 to 3 weeks to craft patterns, size gradings, and execute the cutting and sewing process for your samples.

Once your samples are meticulously assembled, our adept product development team conducts a thorough assessment, ensuring uniformity and quality, before giving the green light for production.

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