Textile manufacturing in China is one of the most important industries. It is also the largest textile manufacturing process in the entire world. China usually exports about $300 billion worth of textiles every year. In 2013, they exported $274 billion in textiles, around 43.1% of the textile market at that time.


The fabric manufacturers in China appeared at the turn of the 20th century. Soon many different manufacturers in the country started growing cotton yarn. This ended up being around 20% of the total output for that century. WWI accelerated the production, but WWII and more specifically the Second Sino-Japanese war, destroyed supply chains and mills. After the 1950’s, things changed considerably, and companies started to work more and more in the textile manufacturing China industry.

The export value was around $11.53 billion for 2015, but the numbers have grown every year. Also, the textile industry accounts for around 7% of the Chinese GDP. The main advantage that China has when compared to other countries is price.

In recent years, the land costs have increased exponentially in China. This makes it more difficult for manufacturers to create competitive products while keeping costs as low as possible. Despite this, China still has cheaper exports compared to other important textile manufacturing countries like Thailand or Brazil. Most companies in the textile manufacturing China industry tend to offer a low amount of money to employees.

Things to Consider About Manufacturing in China

Moreover, the scientific community in China is thriving. It’s a country that has been using cutting edge solutions for decades, and it continues to stand out with its incredible focus on value and quality. They also tend to come up with a lot of new synthetic fibers. This pushes the textile industry onward. On top of that, China has the most silk and cotton on the planet.

Major Fabric Manufacturers
One thing to note about Textile manufacturing in China is the fact that there are lots of companies covering the market. There are also a lot of companies that act as intermediaries to the fabric manufacturers. Often times they pose as the fabric manufacturer and many US businesses never realize they are paying heavily increased costs for their goods because they are actually dealing with a Chinese middleman.


There are a vast range of Fabric Manufacturers in China, and the main reason is the textiles created here are very affordable. Retailers from all over the world are importing these products because they provide great value and quality. On top of that, they always tend to provide customers with amazing results and a very good value for money. As the world population grows, the demand for textiles increases and that’s why the textile production and profits have increased exponentially within this industry.