Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing management and design are overseen by our domestic and international team that have 30+ years of experience. Together, we deliver a premium manufacturing experience to our partners. Our United States’ team keeps you informed during all stages of product management including product design, sampling, and manufacturing. The international based teams personally oversee the production process including quality control to guarantee your products quality. Additionally, we leverage our relationships and expertise to protect your company’s IP overseas. Rad Sourcing helps your factory source the components necessary to produce your products, eliminating any up-sells that may otherwise increase your costs. We never accept money or referrals from factories. Rad Sourcing works exclusively for our clients.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Management

Rad Sourcing will stay on top of your production cycle. We will constantly communicate and check on production, and inform you of any news or new developments with your products. You will have your own agent assigned to your company who will constantly update you on the progress of your production cycle. Additionally we have a design team capable of making any necessary changes that may arise.

Price and Priority

Rad Sourcing lowers prices and improves production priority through our connections and partnerships with the global factories. Normally, a small company would not receive preferential treatment over a larger company when rapid production is required. However, because of our valuable relationship with the factories your company will receive greater priority and be offered lower prices.

Quality Control (QC)

QC is vital to the success of your production cycle and your product’s success. Rad Sourcing verifies quality by using AQL methodology during production or loading check. As many experts can attest, it is paramount to have someone in China performing quality control for your product. Our team in China will make it cheaper and more efficient for your company to perform QC.

BOM, Sourcing and Manufacturing Management

BOM (bill of materials) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, components, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture your final product. Through our connections and experience, we find high quality materials for the best prices. Often times your production company will offer to source these components for you, but having a third party helps insure that your are not paying more than you need to. We then coordinate delivery and assembly with our production partner.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.