Product Design

Rad Sourcing’s design team will transform your concepts and ideas into quality, well priced, and profitable products. We work with a variety of products, and with our trusted network we can find a way to make your product a reality. Our team has experience across multiple industries, and we design and work with all kinds of products ranging from consumer electronics to high fashion. All products we design are designed for manufacturability, which means that when you actually start producing your product the process will be as cost efficient and simple as possible.

Apparel, Accessories, and More Product Design

Rad Sourcing’s industry experts are passionate about producing fresh clothing lines, functional apparel, and memorable brands in the most creative, efficient and effective way possible. Whether you require detailed sketches, tech packs, or simply a consultation, our team will support you. Using our global network of manufacturers, vendors, and partners we help entrepreneurs, leaders, designers, and established companies in various industries design their production line to create long lasting and profitable businesses. Our team is made up of expert fashion designers, developers, production managers, and brand designers.


Apparel Design Product DesignElectronics Product Design

Our mechanical and industrial designers have a strong understanding of how to create designs that include electronics.  Rad Sourcing’s team has also developed strong partnerships with third party providers that work closely with us to ensure that your electronic engineering needs are met. Working with our partners, we can provide a wide variety of services including the standard schematic capture, PCB layout and design, firmware and rapid prototyping. Rad Sourcing developed products are a great indication of how well a multi-faceted development team and design team can create truly innovative products.


PCB Electronics DesignProblem Solving: Team of Engineers and Product Designers

Products today require electronics, wireless control, bluetooth, and connectivity to function. With the ever-growing technology in wearables, consumer portables, and sensors all these components come together to create innovative and desired products or evolve existing products into more advanced designs. If your idea requires complicated or innovative tech then our network of designers and contracted electronic engineers will come together to design and develop your product and insure it meets all regulatory requirements and quality expectations.

If your new idea needs a Li-ion batteries, USB charging  or Power over Ethernet (PoE) we can help source and implement these changes and more into your product. Nowadays more than ever businesses want to implement smart devices to control or gather from the products they design.  Our team has the experience required to implement a wide verity of connection options are available to access the product from cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, or other types of secure wireless control.

Many procedures and types of technology are involved in the simplest of electronic products. Rad Sourcing has the team and experience needed to bring your invention to life.

Prototyping & Manufacturing:

This step is an integral part of the product development process. We manage prototype creation, sketch models, and generate mockups of product components to give our team, you, and target market consumers the opportunity to hold, touch, and interact with your design. Then we will support you and your team in making the necessary changes to perfect the design of your products.