Tim Dir Pic.jpeg

Tim Dir CEO
Tim Dir is a natural and enigmatic leader with a rich history who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of a start up, combined with the ability to scale to exponential growth. Prior to joining Rad Sourcing, Tim was a leader and COO at successful startups such as FastSpring and Trackr. Highlights include building systems and processes to manage a team who shipped millions of packages to consumers (scaling the company from $1M to $50M in sales in 24 months), overseeing the manufacturing of over 6M devices and being part of the team that secured over $60M in financing. Tim specializes in identifying unique opportunities for growth within organizations and developing them to exceed targets and expectations. Tim is a people and animal lover, and enjoys a happy lifestyle in Santa Barbara. 


Taylor Adnan COO
Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Taylor graduated from UC Berkeley with high honors in Political Science. At Berkeley he was always interested in how things worked and how to optimize those functions. Before Rad Sourcing, Taylor oversaw product development and production for prominent Southern California electronics startups and apparel companies. Taylor’s favorite part about working with companies is seeing final products come together. Taylor enjoys basketball and traveling the world.


Conrad Homm CFO
Conrad was born in Konigstein, Germany. He has lived in five countries and ultimately moved to the United States and studied Political Economics with a focus on international business at UC Berkeley. Conrad has worked with a number of startups and loves learning about new products and industries. Conrad has established a strong network of investors, factories, sports teams, marketing and design firms, and advisors. His favorite part about Rad Sourcing is working with entrepreneurs and coming up with solutions together. In his spare time, Conrad loves playing basketball and traveling.


Emily Papale CCO
Born in San Francisco, Emily, a first generation college student, studied Fine Art and Art History at Sonoma State University. She specializes in Web Design and Product Photography. In college Emily was the College of Arts and Humanities Senator and a volleyball champion. Additionally, Emily is a successful showing artist in California and Florida. She strengthens our team with her diverse leadership background and artistic skill.


Frank Yu Head Product Manager
Frank was born in Shenzhen, China and has worked in the manufacturing industry since 2012. He has experience in sourcing, product development, and manufacturing. He helps our clients turn their ideas into high quality, competitively priced products via integrated consumer R&D, prototyping, testing, certification, manufacturing and shipping. Before joining the Rad Sourcing team he led manufacturing efforts for a number of companies with sales grossing over $200 million.