An Intro to International Manufacturing

Hello my name is Emily Papale and I am the CCO at Rad Sourcing. Welcome to Rad Videos where we discuss all things sourcing and manufacturing. Rad Sourcing specializes in international manufacturing and product design services. Our goal is to provide educational videos for the entrepreneurs interested in inventing their own products.

These videos cover a broad range of topics involving both domestic and international sourcing and manufacturing. In our videos we explain what it’s really like manufacturing internationally and why domestic companies sometimes outsource their manufacturing to China. Other topics include Minimum Order Quantity, Intellectual Property Protection, and Ethical Manufacturing. These are important because your business is your livelihood, and each decision will effect on your success.

Our comprehensive services allow us to work with companies in different industries so we have 30+ years of international manufacturing experience. Some of the industries we work with include: cut and sew, plastics, metal products, furniture, and apparel and accessories.

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